Cryonics and Insurance

Unusual Risks are independent insurance advisers who regularly offer independent financial advice to people looking for Whole of Life Assurance for the purpose of funding Cryonics.

We have many existing UK clients for whom we have arranged Life Assurance or Life Insurance to run alongside their Cryonics Funding Agreement.

We offer financial advice without fear of discrimination, attention to colour, creed, sexuality, health status or personal beliefs.

Current we have clients who are members of Cryonics UK, Alcor Life Extension Foundation and Cryonics Institute and have advised them on their insurance requirements for Cryopreservation Services.

New Cryonics Members

We are experienced at arranging new Life Assurance policies for the purpose of funding Cryonics.

Our financial advisers will not only assist you in finding the right insurance policy from the whole market for your requirements, but will help you to complete essential trust documentation free of charge.

They will also help you to consider the effects of inflation on your future planning and select the most appropriate levels of insurance cover to meet your long term Cryonics needs.

Existing Cryonics Members

We have experience of helping long standing Cryonics members assess their existing Life Insurance policies.

Our financial advisers are able to help you to assess your current insurance resources and advise you on bridging any potential shortfall you may have in your current planning from the whole of the insurance market.

We have expert knowledge that could help you to assess the effects of inflation on your existing policies and help you find solutions to meet your long term Cryonics needs.


Authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Please note most Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.
Fees will apply for mortgage advice. We charge a set fee of between £595 and £995 payable on application, dependent on the amount of work involved, the type of mortgage you are applying for and any commission we receive from the lender on completion of your mortgage. Please contact us for a specific quotation. Our Complaint Handling procedures are available on request. If you have reasons to raise a concern please contact us on 0845 474 3075 or by email . If we are unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. More information is available on request or by visiting